Share a Mortgage is a social social networking site that makes it easy for first time buyers to find someone to buy with. Accepting that buying a home is almost impossible without help, Share a Mortgage helps want to be buyers search for like minded people to buy their first home together.

Co-founded by Claudine and Andrew Boast in 2014, Share a Mortgage is the first website they built and it includes:

  • Member search area
  • Conveyancing Process tips and guides
  • Buddying up service
  • Share Ownership Protection

Andrew and Claudine were able to secure an angel investor Nick Bragg who continues to support the business as it grows.

Using Claudine's years of experience as a qualified solicitor she has created a bespoke deed of trust called, Shared Ownership Protection, that allows co-owners of property agree how they will live together. It includes both the finances and also the living arrangements.
First draft of Share a Mortgage Logo

England and Wales are screaming out for more affordable housing solutions and Share a Mortgage is helping those who couldn't do it on their own, but can do it together.

The logo for Share a Mortgage encapsulates the sharing message and a first draft was drawn by Claudine, with help from her dad, on a piece of paper in a brain storming exercise before our flight back to the UK. The finished version has now been seen by in excess of 6 million visitors to the website.