Employment Law Friend (ELF) was born out of both Andrew and Claudine's experiences of how difficult justice is for employees in England and Wales. Claudine spear headed the concept in her original Word Press website in 2016 and then this was given the BoastConsultancyzhoosh and now sits on our EOS platform for you all to see now.

ELF offers a cost effective solution for employees because when you are in trouble it normally means you aren't working. The 3 solutions are:

    Free DIY - read it and use it. ELF even have free downloads for how to guides.
    Paid For Downloads - download videos and guides on how to run your own employment law claim.
    Get in the lawyers - ELF manages a panel of employment law solicitors who specialise in this area. They know the tactics, what a good offer is and when you should push on.

The branding on ELF is fun because it is all about dogs who are the best friends you can ever have. The slogan says it all "We won't sit. We won't roll over. We'll stand by you." - Andrew came up with that one!