Who are Boast Consultancy?

Claudine and Andrew are the heart of Boast Consultancy and are start-up entrepreneurs. We are a husband and wife partnership where the former is a qualified accountant and the latter is a solicitor. Our experience in starting businesses has seen our umbrella of brands turning over millions of pounds to date.

Our joined up approach to business keeps the costs lean and the ideas flowing. Claudine specialises in creative new ideas, branding and all things legal. Whereas Andrew is the executer who makes sure the dream becomes a reality.

The strength of our business is the team we have. We have web designers, developers, back end and front end website support and a wealth of content writers and link strategists. Getting to page 1 rank 1 takes structure, hard work and a great content strategy.

What do we do?

Start-up business growth using digital marketing is our specialism. We have taken 4 of our own brands to market and made them cash generative so know how to do this and quickly.

No small part of our success has been thanks to the strong team of digital marketing professionals we've put together over the years.

Meet the team

Andrew Boast of Boast Consultancy: Co Founder
Andrew Boast
Andrew Boast is a Co-Founder & Partner of Boast Consultancy

Andrew is an entrepreneur and media commentator specialising in the property sector. He published his first book in November 2014 called 'How Long Before You'll Never Be Able to Buy a Home'​, and has commented as a market expert on the BBC, ITV, London Live, Tip TV and has been quoted in most of the mainstream press.

Claudine of Boast Consultancy: Co Founder
Claudine Boast
Claudine Boast is a Co-Founder & Partner of Boast Consultancy

Claudine is a strong business development professional as well as an experienced Lawyer and Business Owner with a demonstrated history of working in industry and private practice. Skilled in Commercial Law, Contracts, Negotiation, Employment Law, Management, and Private Client. She holds a Masters in Internet and Telecommunications Law.

William Worth of Watman Worth for Boast Consultancy: Primary Web Developer
William Worth
William is a Co Director and founder of Watman & Worth Web Ltd, founded in 2016

He has worked in the web industry since 1999 after completing a Masters in IT at the University of the West of England with the exception of a couple of years in the mid 2000's when he decided to be a clothing designer and maker instead. This didn't end well, and these days he is proud to be one of the primary developers for Andrew Boast and his projects and lead developer for W & W's E-OS platform.

Kieran Watman of Watman Worth for Boast Consultancy: Web design and front end development
Kieran Watman
Kieran's primary role is in design and front end development

He works with clients to achieve the the design, look and feel of the website you need to succeed online, ensuring that the website and marketing is a true reflection of the individual values and personality of the business and communicating that to your customers.

Caragh Bailey of Boast Consultancy: Digital Marketing
Caragh Bailey
Caragh's primary role is content creation and strategy

She builds content strategy to maximise SEO and produces quality content across our brands. Caragh also works on form building, data capture and brand image, maintaining the overall visual marketing message for consistency and aesthetic.

Alan Ible of Digitel for Boast Consultancy
Alan Ible
Alan is an advertising and marketing consultant specialising in link building for SEO

Managing director of Digi-tel He has almost 15 years experience of sales, account management and customer relationship building.

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